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Management of Topographic Projects


TopoCAD facilitates the management of topographic projects by providing features to organize, store, and access project data.

Project Setup

The software allows users to set up new projects and manage project properties such as name, location, and description.

Steps to Set Up a Project

  1. Open the New Project function in TopoCAD
  2. Enter the project name, location, and description
  3. Configure project settings
  4. Save the new project

Project Organization

TopoCAD provides features to organize project data such as creating folders, subfolders, and categories for different types of project data.

Organizing Project Data

  1. Create folders, subfolders, and categories for different types of project data
  2. Move and copy data between folders and categories
  3. Rename and delete folders, subfolders, and categories

Accessing Project Data

TopoCAD provides easy access to project data through a user-friendly interface, allowing users to quickly find and view project data.

Accessing Project Data

  1. Open the Project Explorer in TopoCAD
  2. Click on a folder or category to view its contents
  3. Select a file to open or view its properties

Collaboration and Sharing

TopoCAD allows users to collaborate and share project data with others, enabling effective communication and teamwork.

Collaboration and Sharing

  1. Export project data in various file formats such as DWG, DXF, SHP, and TAB
  2. Share project data through email or cloud-based storage services
  3. Import and incorporate project data from other team members

Benefits of Topographic Project Management in TopoCAD

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