Discover your audience, your tribe and your people on the internet ! - Step 2 - Noor Artificiel


Discover your audience, your tribe and your people on the internet ! - Step 2

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 Discover Your Audience; Trible; People on the internet


 Traffic, shares, open rates, clicks... all of that means nothing tell if you can't connect with the man from the other side of technology (behind their computer screens and of smartphones ! there is surely a man or a woman, you must never forget this !

the most successful bloggers find a way to connect on a very personal level with their audience.

call it your tribe, your target readers will need to come every day, either on your blog or on your networks social to hear from you, create a community around you

Your capital ate the people who show up dy after day, looking forward to your next wisdom on your blog. You don't pay for them to show up ( at least you don't have to). Indstead, they show up becouse they share your passion. They crave a sense of community and association with other members of your audience. They want to comment, share and interact with you

 "without an audience, your blog will slowly die"

So how are you going to create an audience and a online community ?

Here are a few tips : 


  1. Understand their ( your target readers ) fears, dreams, problems and their challenges, write about them and not about yourself only and if you do, do so as a member of them !, just someone who knows their problems and wants them help as best he can.
  2. Where do they find your readers online ? on Linkedin ? Facebook ? Domewhere else ?
  3. Who else do they respect in your niche ( your future competitors or mentors) ?
  4. What other publications do they read ?
You will always be relevant in your niche if you arrive to answer all these questions and you will find your readers and build a community around you, your ideas and your blog, collect their emails and don't let them go more !