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 Image Brand Memorable (Noor)

Create your logo, choose your colors, your fonts your style, your publication deadlines, your writing style ... etc and never change ! especially since more than six months are passed to the creation of your blog, any changee will have generally negative consequences on your blog and your statistics

I created my logo myself, it is not perfect but it suitable, but you, you can see a Designer for that

How will you stand out ?

Your Blog name and brand is more than just a URLs. It says a lot about you and your passion. You must therefore, find something that is memorable, catchy, but so meaningful to your audience and it should speak to them too.


Here are some tips for creating your own image of Mark :

  • Brainstorm with at least 10 alternatives.
  • Test them with your audience (if you already have one) on a social network !)
  • Choose well ( take your time) and buy your domain name.
  • Obtain a finished logo. It's easy on a site like UpWork or do it yourself, on Canva or other free online tools
  • Create consistent and memorable images for free with a tool like Canca.
  • Use your new brand assets everywhere, and it you have to keep them wherever you are on the net
  • Stick to your design, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Always sign in with the same Username and do that it is the same on all your profiles on the net.
You will find on my blog an article on how to choose a good domain name, go to LWS or Godaddy or Dynathod and test several possibilities until you find the one that suits you takes to you and above all that rings true in the ears of your hearing and that they will easily

remember and also easy to pronunciation

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