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 Step 1 Find Your Passion

Your passion will be closely related to "why" to start a blog, Blog about what will not bore you later, know that Blogging will put you to the test, the number of abandoned blogs exceed those that are still updated

I am not telling you this to discourage you, on the contrary, all this Book will be directed towards this kind of councils, more than the technical aspect, which you will easily find elsewhere even if I will fly ovber it

I Therefore want to prevent you from making the wrong choices as soon as the start and doing things right to create a Blog

that you will keep all your life and at the same a blog that can meke you really rich if that is your goal: it is possible, you just have to believe in it and do what it takes !!


Exactly, I will show you the first steps, which you won't regret later, because big mistakes are made always at the beginning when creating a Blog 

Choose a bad Niche for example or a bad name of domain is the insurance to abandon your blog at the first turn

So I was saying that passion will act as a beacon for you keep on track. Keep you energized. continue to waking up every day when everything seems too hard for you

  • what motivates you ?
  • what do you love the most in the world, what will you be passionate about ? you wholee life ?
  • what topics inspire you and help you write easily, those on which you have small knowledge ? 
Finding your passion is an essential part of blogging on the long team. It will help you find people driven with the same ideas and who are enthusiastic to about the same things as you and to help and support each other during difficult times, such as when an item is struggling to classify or a product does not launch well... etc

You have to define your goals and put them in black and white on a piece of paper that you will read several times a week


What exactly do you want by creating a blog/site ?

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