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 [Day 4] How to maximize your AdSense earnings?

Analyze your performance, traffic and revenue

To increase your AdSense earnings, start by adapting your advertising experience. To achieve this, you need to understand what your reports are about.

1-  Discover the basics 

Get insights into your account performance and increase your earning potential by making informed decisions. 

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 2-  Measure your performance 

Track the number of clicks and page views recorded by the ads you serve, and analyze the revenue you derive from them. 

Select metrics for your report

3-  Make improvements Why do some ads earn you more than others? 

Identify the factors driving revenue by analyzing charts, trends, and metrics. 

Get insights into ad performance

4-  Familiarize yourself with your metrics 

• Pageviews are counted each time a user visits a page on your site where Google ads are shown. 

• Impressions are counted each time an ad loads and is seen by a visitor to your site. 

• Clicks are counted each time a visitor to your site voluntarily clicks on an ad. 

• CPC (cost per click) is the price paid by advertisers each time a visitor voluntarily clicks on an ad on your site.

Choisissez la structure de vos rapports 

Les rapports sur les performances sont disponibles dans deux formats faciles à utiliser et personnalisables : 

Lancez un rapport prédéfini 

Cette option est pratique pour vérifier les performances globales au niveau du site et du compte. 

Vous avez accès à des rapports sur les performances par emplacement, par format d'annonce et par bloc d'annonces. 

Créez un rapport personnalisé 

Cette solution est idéale pour effectuer une analyse approfondie selon certaines métriques ou plages de dates.

Summary of Day 4 

Reports help you identify new opportunities for growth and improvement, and play a vital role in digital advertising. 

Create a custom report 

• Understand CPC and CPM You're almost done. 

You have completed 80% of the AdSense onboarding series. 

Next time, we'll tell you how to increase your potential revenue by improving your user experience.

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