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 Deepen the basics of artificial intelligence and discover its applications in business.

AI in Business

About this course

  This training helps you better understand the key concepts of AI, machine learning and deep learning. Dive into the history of AI and its latest developments, and discover several possibilities to start your own AI journey with the help of a practical guide. Finally, get inspired by more than 30 examples of using AI in different industries.



  1. Go directly to the chapter that interests you. Don't miss Chapter 4: it contains everything you need to know to make your AI project a success.
  2. At the end of Chapter 4 "AI in Business", you receive a certificate that proves your ability to launch your own AI project.
  3. In Chapter 5, discover more than 30 testimonials of 6 to 10 minutes from companies in all sectors, and boost the competitiveness of your company.

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