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 Learn how to set up an AI project in your own company

AI in business course


Learn how to set up an AI project in your own company

About this online course

If your business has yet to begin its journey to artificial intelligence (AI) – and you're even wondering why it's so important – this course is for you. AI isn't just a new buzzword. It is already applied in healthcare, energy, manufacturing, insurance and other sectors. Take advantage of the experience of a number of Belgian companies as well as experts in the field to benefit from a competitive advantage.

  In less than four hours, you'll understand the basics of AI, learn about the business engines behind it, and receive practical tips on how to get started. Video testimonials and over 30 practical case examples are sure to inspire you for your own AI journey.


Course topics 

This course has been divided into 5 modules to allow you to take breaks and study at your own pace. 

Chapter 1: Definitions What is AI? 

What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning? How does the EU define an AI system? 

Chapter 2: Deepening 

Understand the key concepts of AI, machine learning and deep learning, but also the difference between cloud, hybrid and edge computing. 

Chapter 3: Why now? 

A short overview of the history of AI and where we are today. Why this buzz around AI? Why do you have to get into it? 

How long until robots take over the world? 

Chapter 4: AI in the Enterprise 

A practical guide to help you start your own journey to AI. 

Chapter 5: Let's get down to business 

Be inspired by more than 30 Belgian AI use cases, in fields such as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities, etc. 

Certificate When you have completed Chapter 4 'AI in business', you will receive a certificate demonstrating your ability to set up your own AI project.

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