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Create an online store and grow your eCommerce business

Wix eCommerce is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who are starting their business online, merchants who decide to switch to onlinesales or companies whose turnover already exceeds 1 million euro. Our site builder tool has advanced features to help you build and grow you online store efficiently.

How to create an online sales site ?

Here are the steps to follow to create an online store :

Create an eCommerce website

Build your online store and grow your business using powerful tools from Wix.

Create your online store

 Choose from over 500 designer-created online store templates . Customize everything, from the home page to checkout, product pages, shopping cart and members area


Strengthen your brand image

 Shape your brand according to your desires. Get started with free business tools like the Wix Logo Maker . Optimize your online presence and be recognizable with a personalized domain name .

Set up your activity 

Take advantage of unlimited item collections to offer as many items as you want. Manage your own inventory or outsource your stock to your suppliers. Define your shipping and delivery conditions, and automate your taxes for each sale.

Receive your payments online

 Accept secure payments on+line. Connect to our Wix Payments solution or choose from a variety of payment methods , including major payment card providers, PayPal and Stripe.

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