Noor - Noor Artificiel



Noor / Artificiel is an individual having the power to absorb and reject light, negardless of the source from which itg is emitted. She appears for the fist timee in the fourth volume and then becomes the protagonist of the second trilogy.

Noor is one of the seven particulars mentioned in the prophecy, those who will kill Caul and bring peace to the particular world. 


  Noor is  tall Moroccan teenager with sharp features, jet black hair that framees her face and wide eyes that sparkle with intensity.

She wears a windbreaker a,d jeans. When she has light in her, she shines. Jacob said she had a very pretty face.


Noor is a smart and hard working menager. After her peculiarity manifested, she became fearfull and suspicious of others, Zrika / Amin. She also has a dark sense of humor, as evidenced when she laughs when Enoch resurrects a dead pigeon.


  • She is named in the prophecy of individuals.

  • She's Zrika's best friend.

  • Nothing was left to chance becouse even his first nam  'Noor' Or 'Nour' whith the French spelling, cmes from Arabic which means "likght". Related to his power.
  • She's a bit claustrophobic
  • Her particularity has be,present since she was a baby, which is very rare.

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