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7 Concrete application of AI to digital marketing

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 Digital marketing  is constaantly evolving.

Whaat was new yesterday is no longer so today.

The cause goes back to artifical intelligence, the foundation of a new technological revolution...

tyhe disruption of digital marketing is on the way, slowly and sureely. 

There is no doubt that is a terrain that deseves to be explored to venture into  this new panorama that will allow us to innovate, facilitate processes and optimize results.

Artificial intelligence and digital marketing go hand in hand, digital marketing requires the processing of hugee amounts of data and artificial intelligence helps to process and interpret this data faster, which allows us to create digital strategies much more efficiently.


In this article, you are going to discover 10 applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing that will greatly help you save time and effort in your daily tasks.

  1. ArticooloContent Creation
  2. Phrase: E-mailing
  3. Cortex: Social Neetworks
  4. Uberflip: Content Marketing
  5. Adext AI : Campaign Management
  6. Liveperson : Chatbots
  7. Fronty : Web development

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